Verizon Wireless Most Reliable Carrier, Again – JD Power and Associates

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Verizon Wireless ranks top telecoms carrier again – JD Power and Associates - Verizon Wireless, telecoms carrier, most reliable carrier, JD Power and Associates, Consumer Reports, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&TVerizon Wireless has ranked first once more as the most reliable carrier in the U.S., a study from JD Power and Associates said.

Even before JD Power and Associates, a global marketing information services firm, released its report, Verizon Wireless has consistently appeared at the top spot of different lists, including product reviews and ratings firm Consumer Reports.

JD Power considered several factors to look for the most reliable carrier: dropped and unconnected calls, unsent and delayed text messages, data connection failures, audio problems, voicemail issues, and signal-related bugs.

Accumulated data goes to its scoring system, a rating scheme where a score of 1 means perfect service and 20 for worst, of which Verizon garnered a score of 10 points and bagged the most reliable carrier award.

The other three major carriers ranked as follows: Sprint and T-Mobile tied at second with 15 points, and AT&T last at 16 points.

For most studies, the trend always is Verizon Wireless sitting atop, Sprint and T-Mobile fighting for the middle, and AT&T falling behind.


Photo by Katy Warner [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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