Using Influencers in Social Media

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Amid the quintillion bytes of data we make daily, it’s easy to get lost in the consumption and shuffle of digital information.

A Like, a tweet, or an Add to Cart – all of these can be translated to mere bytes of data, if you dig deeper into their simplest details.

With that in mind, a marketing message in social media is but one speck of data in the online universe.

So how do you ensure that your message stands out from the endless stream of info on the Internet?

A proven method is to tap into influencers in your target social media platform.

Here are some tips on how to achieve it:


1. Heed your audience’s conversations

Finding the right people to convey your message properly is a daunting task, especially when you’re flooded with daily content without reprieve.

So how do you find the right influencers amid all the noise? You have to listen and understand the needs of your target audience.

Don’t falter enthusiasm when you reach out to your customers to learn their interests, concerns and pleasures. And it’s best to use the type of social media platform that feels more comfortable for your target audience.

Rather than focus all efforts on Facebook, thinking it’s the most-used social network, you may want to try using Instagram or Snapchat instead. These are the most-used image-based social media platforms. And if your target audience are the youth bracket, these are the channels to exploit with your marketing campaign.


2. Adopt a subjective approach

Now that you know the interests of your audience, you have to keep them engaged continually and create an important bond with your brand.

While they share common attributes, not all influencers are equally the same. You have to be subjective with each of them.

Interactions are vital to your brand. You have to find the ideal methods that influencers want to receive information from you.

You also have to make them feel special. They will appreciate it and go the extra mile when it matters most.


3. Nurture relationships with influencers

A nurtured relationship will last long. Since it takes time before your influencers commit, ensure that you have strong ties with them before taking the relationship up a notch.

Committed influencers are key to representing your business and your brand’s image. Their testimonies about your company are authentic.


4. Monitor internal and external influencers

In order to keep your brand healthy and synergy, you have to manage both internal and external influencers.

Internal influencers are the people within your organization, whereas external customer are the people who pay for your product or service.

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Author: Francis Rey

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