Users Can Double-Post Instagram Stories To Facebook

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Users Can Now Double-Post Instagram Stories To Facebook


Instagram Stories is a feature that allows users to post photos and videos that would disappear after 24 hours. Sounds familiar? That’s because it feels like Snapchat Stories, which was introduced in 2013.

Because it’s a copied featured, all photos and videos you share in your Story are temporary with a lifespan of 24 hours. The content shared to the Stories won’t appear on the main Instagram feed.

Facebook has a similar feature called Facebook Stories. Unfortunately, Facebook’s related feature doesn’t have a lot of users. For that reason, Facebook is looking for a new way to give its own Stories feature a much-needed push.


Recently, some users found out that they could double-post their Instagram stories to Facebook straight from their Instagram app.

It’s not yet available to every user, but some users reported that they’d seen an option that allows them to share their story to Facebook just before they upload it to Instagram.

Now, when you choose to double-post it, the Instagram Stories on Facebook will appear in the Stories section. However, you’ll know that it originated from Instagram because the Stories would have an Instagram label beneath the name of the user.

This experiment sounds despondent and sad. It shows that Facebook Stories couldn’t find success within the main app of the company.

Most Facebook users have their Stories with zero activity. That’s probably because none of their friends are using it or that they’re not sure how to use.

Instagram users, on the other hand, would have at least one Instagram Story a day. But this attempt of Facebook might fail because users aren’t buying it yet.

The company added new features to Stories and that it confirmed that this feature would also come to the desktop. But nothing worked yet.

Instagram Stories has 250 million users a day. Thus, it’s not surprising that Facebook would look into this feature to fix its main app’s engagement issues. It also shows that the company is desperate.

Instagram did an excellent job in maintaining a line of separation from its parent company. Because it’s just a test, for now, there’s a possibility that this feature might not roll out.

In other words, not all Instagram users can export your Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories.

The advertising opportunity of Instagram Stories can’t be underestimated. It’s a lucrative one that Facebook doesn’t want to ignore.

If this experiment would fail, the main company would still keep trying until it could find something that would light the spark.

Instagram Stories is younger than Snapchat’s. However, it’s already more popular than Snapchat’s Stories.

As Facebook continues to copy some of the vital features of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel’s app is showing a deicing in viewership.

While Snapchat struggles, Instagram Stories flourishes. More and more companies are seeing higher open rates on Instagram than on Snapchat’s Stories.

One of the reasons users want Instagram Stories more than Snapchat’s similar feature is that they want to grow their followers.

Snapchat’s search function is hard to find. It’s also difficult to follow someone. But on Instagram, it’s new search feature is a lot easier to use than Snapchat’s.

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