Use Of Social Media For Hiring Is At An All-Time High [Infographic]

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Social media is now not only used to connect with friends, it is also being used by companies and organizations for recruitment.

In fact, according to this infographic, the sue of social media for hiring is at an all-time high.

The infographic notes that 92 percent of companies use social media for recruiting. The continued rise of the role of social media in the corporate world is also reflected in the fact that 45 percent of fortune 500 firms including social media links on their career page sections.

According to the infographic, LinkedIn is still king of the social recruiting world.

LinkedIn is still number 1, the infographic proclaims, as it was used by 93 percent of companies in 2012.

That’s a massive increase from 78 percent of companies using the enterprise-focused social network in 2010 and 87 percent doing so in 2011.

As for Facebook, 66 percent of companies are said to use it. Twitter notched 54 percent, the infographic reveals.

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Not only is social media for hiring flourishing, it is also working, said in the infographic. Its efficacy can be said, then, to be one of the reasons why it is flourishing.

According to this, 73 percent of companies hired employees successfully using social media. Furthermore, 42 percent of companies say that the quality of candidates who can be found through social media has improved.

Moreover, 20 percent of companies say that it takes less time to hire using social media. A further 31 percent of companies reported that there is an increase in employee referrals using social media and 65 percent of recruiters compensate employees for referrals.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that candidates need to be more careful now more than ever about their presence on social media. With the growing use of the tools afforded to us by the rise of these sites, every bit of information on the Internet through these sites may affect chances of getting hired.

“Candidates, be careful what you post on social sites,” warns people.

This is because 3 out of 4 hiring managers and recruiters check the social networking profiles of candidates. This is even if candidates do not include their social media profiles in their resumes.

Furthermore, 1 out of 3 employers are said to have rejected candidates based on something they found in social profiles.

It seems that it’s all about making impressions. An example of this is highlighted in the next set of data from the infographic.

According to this, 78 percent of recruiters disapprove of references to using illegal drugs. Furthermore, 67 percent of recruiters react negatively to posts that are sexual in nature.

This set of information can be very useful to job candidates who are applying for jobs. They should heed the implicit advice given here and “sanitize” their social media profiles.

This is imperative for the job seekers who are turning to social media for their job quests. According to this, 14.4 million in the U.S. have used social media to search for a job.  In addition to this, 29 percent of job seekers are said to use social media as their primary tool to look for jobs.

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Meanwhile, while more and more companies are using social media for their human resource sourcing needs, there are still some who are not.

According to this, some companies are still living in the dark ages as 36 percent of firms are not engaged in social media recruiting.

Social media recruiting, human resource, social recruiting, infographic,

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