Uber says it will require riders to take mask selfies

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Uber has announced that it would start requiring some riders to take mask selfies. This, however, will only happen when a driver spots a rider without a mask. Undoubtedly, this is aimed at ensuring everyone stay safe while outdoors.

Currently, drivers are required to take mask selfies as a precondition for signing up on the app. Uber, according to The Verge, says that more than 3.5 million drivers and couriers have completed more than 100 million mask verifications.

Riders are not required to take mask selfies unless a driver has reported that a customer is not putting on one. Once a driver reports that a rider is refusing to wear one, he or she would then be required to take a mask selfie before using Uber again. If however, the customer refuses to wear a mask, he or she is free to cancel a trip. The same rule applies to a driver who is at liberty to cancel a trip.

If a driver reports to us that a rider wasn’t wearing a mask, the rider will be required to take a selfie with their face covered before they’re able to take another trip with Uber. With the addition of this new feature, one driver’s feedback can help ensure the safety of Uber for the next driver,” Uber said in a blog post.

Back in June, Uber announced that riders in the US will have the option of hailing ride by the hour. This is the company’s own way of offsetting the effect of the coronavirus pandemic. Hourly booking could be a smart move as people find alternative ways to cut down on their expenses.

Users will be able to enter a destination and can also add up to three intermediate stops per hour. The hourly feature, however, also allows you to edit those stops during your journey. That said, it is important to emphasize that you cannot choose airports or location outside the city you are in.

When you select the hourly tier, you are then charged a set $50 amount—and even when you cut short the trip, you will still have to pay the full hourly rate. You will also have the chance to pay for up to seven hours in advance, with the price rising by $50 for every additional hour.

In early May, Uber announced that 3,700 of its full-time employees globally will be relieved of their jobs. In filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission per The Verge, company CEO Dara  Khosrowshahi will forgo his salary for the rest of the year.

The layoff of the 3,700 staff, which represents 14 percent of its total global workforce, is expected to set Uber back by approximately $20 million in severance packages as well as other related costs. To be affected in the job cut mostly are those in customer support and recruiting division.

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