Uber integrates public transportation option into its app

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Credit: https://www.brecorder.com/2019/02/01/470593/uber-will-now-show-public-transit-options-in-its-app/

Uber’s dream of integrating public transportation options into its app has finally become a reality. The ride-sharing company has added an option for users who would love to take public transportation to their destination to do just that. This is coming by way of a new feature that produces a list of bus or train routes, including the expected fare price and end-to-end directions.

A tiny train car with the inscription “transit” has now been added next to the app as soon as you open it. The new option is found atop the list of usual ride-hailing options—and a simple tap will usher you into a list of routes and expected fare price.

The aim here, according to Uber, is to discourage people from making use of their personal vehicles. This will be made possible by way of providing more useful transportation options—and it does not matter whether it is a bike, scooter, or a bus or train. This falls perfectly within Uber’s plans of being the provider of all modes of transportation to people.

Credit: https://www.theverge.com/2019/1/31/18205154/uber-public-transportation-app-denver

We should prepare transit for the future, and make it the most competitive way to get around, because that’s what we want to see,” says Andrew Salzberg, Uber’s head of transportation policy and research Per The Verge. “We’re so confident that transit is in fact the best way to get around in many cities that we want to put it in our app as a rider proposition.

People in Denver will be first to test the new option. Riders in Denver will see real-time bus and rail information when they open the app. In a matter of weeks, they [riders] will be able to purchase train tickets within the Uber app, which is made possible by Uber’s partnership with mobile ticketing company Masabi.

1n 2018, Uber added two new tools to enhance communication between riders and drivers. Ultimately Uber wants to cut down on the number of rides that get canceled as a result of communication issues. Despite past efforts to make it easy for drivers to get closer to the location of riders, some rides have had to be canceled because of a few issues arising few hundred feet to a rider’s location.

Spotlight,” one of the tools announced by Uber, will provide you with make and model of the driver’s car. You will also be provided with other information including the plate number of the vehicle. In a crowded situation where a rider is unable to attract the driver to his location when his phone is raised up, the Spotlight tool will be a wonderful way to bail him out.

Uber riders now have the opportunity to use the app to light up their phone screens with a specific color. This will give the driver a clear sense of which smartphone to look out for. Every color of yellow, pink and green has a specific message for drivers.

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