Uber has started monitoring drivers in the US for safety reasons

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Uber has been doing a lot work in terms of security and safety in the last couple of months. This is quite understandable considering the incredible amount of below the belt punches it keeps getting from customers and groups. This time around the ride-share company has started monitoring drivers for criminal charges as per Axios.

In doing this, Uber will partner with background check provider Checkr, and Appriss to provide safety data to the company. The background checks will be ongoing, and will enable the company to continuously monitor drivers with criminal intent.

Appriss will notify Uber when a driver is newly charged with a criminal offense. This will be made possible through Appriss’ real-time collection of data. Once data has been made available to Uber, the company then decides whether or not to suspend a driver from its service to prevent further unsafe behavior.

The system is currently being tested among a “meaningful percentage” of its drivers in the US; and has led to the removal of 25 drivers since the test began early this month.

Ultimately what we’re looking for… is a way to get the same kind of info as in a background check, but get it in a real-time manner,” Uber’s VP of safety and insurance Gus Fuldner per Axios.

Suspended drivers may have to reapply to have their jobs back; but not until all charges have been resolved.

Though, these are early days and nothing is concluded as at this time, the fact that a database of drivers with criminal records is being put together will further boost Uber’s rating. Of course, it is no longer news that the company messed up in the past, the fact that it has started adding more safety measures delivers a promising future.

Last April, Uber updated its privacy policy when it announced a pilot program that will no longer give drivers access to a rider’s drop-off and pickup locations.

Prior to that announcement, drop-off and pickup location history of riders was logged, which gave drivers access to sensitive and private information of riders. The addresses are permanently stored in a driver’s trip history, which means they can always access it whenever they chose to. The most annoying thing is that the data remains in a driver’s log even if a rider deletes his account and data from Uber. Going forward, drivers will only have access to a display of broader location area.

The company wants to limit the exposure of users’ location as much as it can, and this latest effort is one good way to go about it.

Location data is our most sensitive information, and we are doing everything we can do to protect privacy around it,” an Uber spokesperson said, per Gizmodo. “The new design provides enough information for drivers to identify past trips for customer support issues or earning disputes without granting them ongoing access to rider addresses.

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