Uber customers can now rent cars via the Uber app in the UK

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Following successful trials in France and Australia, Uber is bringing “Uber Rent” to the UK. Uber Rent is a new feature that allows you to rent a car via the Uber app. The company is partnering with car rental company CarTrawler, a leading car rental company based in Dublin.

With the Uber Rent option now added to the Uber app, you will be able to browse available cars for the date and location of your choice. You can then pickup rental cars from the “hundreds” of car hire company pickup locations.

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Uber advises users to make their car reservations at least 24 hours in advance. Rentals, however, cane be cancelled up to 48 hours ahead of collection. Uber, according to The Verge, is promising discounts on rentals of up to 25 percent.

Uber is exploring other revenue options as the pandemic bites harder. Uber and several other companies are trying to stay afloat following months of harsh economic weather caused by the coronavirus pandemic that has forced lockdown across the world.

In May, Uber parted ways with 3,000 employees as a fallout of the current harsh economic trend spreading across nations—no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the company is also closing 45 offices, and planning to overhaul its business approach in areas such as freight and autonomous vehicle technology reports.

In terms of severance and other benefits, Uber is expected to pay up to $145 million to employees, and a further $80 million to shut down offices, according to a filing with the SEC.

Uber has laid off 25 percent of its workforce since the COVID-19 pandemic. Rides are down by 80 percent due to the pandemic, and the last may not have been heard about Uber laying off its staff in order to cut and save cost.

Also in May, Uber laid off 14 percent of its total global workforce; laying off of 3,700 staff. The decision cost Uber approximately $20 million in severance packages as well as other related costs. Affected in the job cut mostly are those in customer support and recruiting division.

The ride-hailing company also announced that it will be closing 180 Greenlight Hub driver service centers as part of measures to cut cost. This would later be first of plans aimed at cutting cost and keeping the company running. The company said its decision is based on the fact that there is not enough work to support the employees that staff the hubs.

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