Uber adds “Quiet Mode” option to help riders keep chatty drivers in check

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Uber’s higher-priced luxury car service has a new feature that will help discourage chatty drivers from boring the hell out of riders. Uber Black, one of the company’s premium car services now has a “quiet car,” which is a new feature for riders who wish to discourage chatty drivers.

When next you ride on Uber Black and would rather maintain a quiet mode, all you have to do is to set the option to “Quiet preferred,” which signals the driver that you would rather keep things quiet.

That is not all though—a new update that allows you to request help with your luggage or communicate your preferred temperature to the driver within the app were also added in the latest update to the luxury service.

Credit: https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/14/18623714/uber-black-quiet-mode-luxury-high-end

You also now have an opportunity to ask for extra time before getting into the car without incurring late pickup charges. This is highly encouraging for riders who may need a minute or two before setting off.

Uber is also making it possible to speak directly to a customer service representative should anything go wrong during the course of your ride. That said, you also have the choice to select “no preference” to any of the aforementioned options.

With Uber Black, riders pay 100 times more for rides than Uber X and 200 times more than Uber Pool.

In a blog post, Uber said the features were added following feedback from riders who said they “wanted high-quality service and premium comfort.”

Premium feature preferences including Quiet Mode, help with luggage, temperature control, extended pickup periods and premium support will be available to 100% of US Uber Black and Uber Black SUV riders on May 15,” the blog post read.

Last February, the ride-sharing company added an option for users who would love to take public transportation to their destination to do just that. This came by way of a feature that produces a list of bus or train routes, including the expected fare price and end-to-end directions.

A tiny train car with the inscription “transit” has been added next to the app as soon as you open it. The new option is found atop the list of usual ride-hailing options—and a simple tap will usher you into a list of routes and expected fare price.

According to Uber, this is to discourage people from making use of their personal vehicles. This will be made possible by way of providing more useful transportation options—and it does not matter whether it is a bike, scooter, or a bus or train. This falls perfectly within Uber’s plans of being the provider of all modes of transportation to people.

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