Twitter’s Spaces is reportedly coming to web

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Twitter is reportedly planning to bring audio chat feature Spaces to the web. This could mean more worries for Clubhouse, and lots to look forward to for users. While Clubhouse has enjoyed some unusual growth in the last few months as a pioneer of an audio chat platform, the app now has a lot of work to do to ward off competition.

Per Social Media Today, the microblogging platform could soon add a desktop version of the feature that will make Spaces even more appealing to broadcasters; podcasters in particular. The format for the web version has more rooms to display the users within a Space. This is made possible by a simple prompt to join the Space from their PC.

For starters, getting a microphone is no longer a basic requirement when you want to record a podcast since everything you need is on your desktop. So, for those running on a limited budget, a web version for Spaces is a no brainer. Although Spaces is still in limited beta on Android, a wider rollout is expected anytime soon; and that could very much be a game changer for Twitter.

More on Spaces

Creators on Spaces can control who can or cannot speak while using the feature. What that means is that the company is paying a big emphasis on moderation. Features such as reporting and blocking have been included in the first version.

Also added in this first version include the ability to share tweets, and live voice transcription. These features are still being tested and may or may not be a part of the official wider roll out.

To join Spaces, you will need to go through the Twitter mobile app. It does not look like you will be able to do that via the web; but we will just wait and see what happens.

In other Twitter news, the social media behemoth is reportedly testing a new feature called Community Page. Reliable reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong tweeted about the new functionality via her Twitter page on Friday.

From the screenshot posted by Jane, you will be able to create a community where other members can post and respond to posts. I am not so sure about this, but I guess you will also be able to control and restrict membership to certain categories of users. 

Jane, like you know, has a very impressive and enviable record when it comes to calling many of these unreleased features. We hope we will be able to see Twitter launch a Community Page in the very foreseeable future. 

May I also add that the feature just like many others that have been called in the past may not make it to an official launch; it all depends on how important Twitter sees things.

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