Twitter’s new “folders” could be the game changer for users

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Image Credit: Jane Manchun Wong

Twitter is reportedly developing a small, but useful feature that might be a game changer for users. The feature is like a collection of bookmarks—a kind of folder where you can save tweets into a range of defined categories.

The feature was spotted by no less a person than Jane Manchun Wong; a reliable reverse engineer. As expected, Jane took to her Twitter page to post a screenshot of the feature which is still being developed by the microblogging company.

From Jane’s screenshot, we can see that the new process would enable you to create category folders within your Bookmarks tab. This would then enable you to choose which folder that you wish to save a tweet to when you go to bookmark it in-stream.

The feature is one that is in high demand, and will gladden the minds of Twitter users—especially those who tweet a lot. It will come in very handy when it comes to keeping tabs on various tweets that interest you. With Twitter gradually evolving into a social platform for merchants, the folders could provide another way to keep track of products that you may be interested in.

In related news, Twitter is is working on tiered subscription, and that is as per Jane Manchun Wong. The reliable reverse engineer in a follow-up tweet to an earlier one, reports via her Twitter page that the microblogging platform could soon add the ability for users to choose their preferred payment tier once the subscription feature rolls out.

One tier, according to Jane, will have more paid features than the other. This method of subscription is consistent with companies that offer premium services—they offer various payment options to subscribers. Users on premium subscription could enjoy or have access to “clutter-free news reading experience.”

To this end, Twitter recently acquired Scroll, a service that gives users clutter-free reading across the web. It also works for publishers—which is a way to make money through ads on their site.

Meanwhile, it is no longer news that Twitter is pushing hard to introduce a subscription service—the tiered pricing model is just a piece of the jigsaw. Jane by the way tweeted earlier in the day that the subscription model will be called “Twitter Blue.” Now that a name has been placed on it, the service could roll out any moment from now.

In other news, Twitter is reportedly testing a new way through which influencers could get paid by their followers. By enabling a tipping button, influencers on Twitter could make some more money whenever their followers feel encouraged by their tweets.

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Author: Ola Ric

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