Twitter’s Jack Dorsey puts first tweet up for sale

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Twitter’s Jack Dorsey has listed his very first tweet up for sale; and bids are already flying in. The “lucky” winner will receive a certificate personally signed by Dorsey as well as the metadata of the original tweet.

Bids have reached $2.5 million according to the BBC, and there is a possibility that it could go even higher. Dorsey’s first tweet will be sold as a non-fungible token (NFT), which is a unique digital certificate that states who owns a photo, video or other form of online media.

Records indicate that Dorsey’s tweet was first listed for sale last December, but did not gain enough attention until he tweeted a link to it last Friday. Since the link was tweeted, the tweet has since been shared thousands of times.

No sooner had the links gone out, bids had reached in excess of $88,000, and went as high as $2 million on Saturday reports the BBC. 

In other Twitter news, the microblogging platform is reportedly testing a “send undo” feature. As the name of the test suggests, the feature will serve as a useful tool to quickly recall sent tweets. If for example you have a few corrections to make, and discovered only after sending your tweet, the undo send feature could be of great help.

This has all the traits of a good feature, and one can only hope it sees the light of the day since it is still an experiment. Jane has proven track records of calling a lot of features weeks and even months before they are released; hopefully this one makes it to a global roll out.

In related Twitter news, the social media giant is reportedly testing a new shopping feature. The experimental feature which has been confirmed by Twitter, will display tweets that link out to ecommerce product page, according to TechCrunch. The feature which takes the form of a new Twitter card, will have a “Shop” button and integrate product details directly into your tweets. This will include the product’s name, shop’s name, and product pricing.

According to a new screenshot posted by Matt Navarra on his Twitter page, the new Twitter Card contained links to product pages on a shop’s website. Twitter has confirmed to TechCrunch that the tweet is an example of a new treatment for “organic” tweets that are focused on ecommerce.

The experiment may not be unconnected with a statement made by Twitter Revenue Lead, Bruce Falck, during an event a couple of days ago. In the statement per TechCrunch, Falck said: “We’re…starting to explore ways to better support commerce on Twitter.”

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