Twitter will no longer remove hacked content unless posted by hackers

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Twitter has made a few changes to some of its policies lately. The company is probably doing all that to position itself with current trends and maybe reassure everyone that its platform is a safe place to be. Twitter has announced that it will no longer remove hacked content from its platform unless otherwise posted by hackers.

Going forward, the social media behemoth says it will instead apply its label to provide more context on such posts. 

Twitter’s move comes as critics came down hard on the company over its decision to restrict sharing of a New York Post article earlier in the week. The post had claimed that laptop hardware left at a repair shop contained emails and other data said to belong to Hunter Biden; son of the former Vice President of the US.

We want to address the concerns that there could be many unintended consequences to journalists, whistleblowers and others in ways that are contrary to Twitter’s purpose of serving the public conversation,” Vijaya Gadde Twitter’s head of legal, policy and trust & safety wrote via her Twitter page.

In the course of the week, Twitter announced that it will start providing more context to tweets in order to enlighten users.

This latest move to curb fake news was announced by Twitter via its page on Friday. When next you see a tweet on your timeline, Twitter will provide you with a label like “this is disputed.”

It is one of many ways the microblogging platform is fighting against fake news online. With weeks to the US election, the label could not have come at a better time.

The prompt has already gone live for most people even as roll out is gradual. People are more likely to desist from quoting disputed tweets than they are when they are ignorant of previous issues especially when such “facts” are in contention.

The biggest gainers are active players as well as Americans who deserve nothing but correct information as regards the upcoming US election.

Last week, the social media giant announced a slew of new features aimed at guarding against abuse as we approach the November 3rd election.

Tweets that include premature claims of victory in the coming election will be labeled. The microblogging company will remove tweets that are aimed at inciting interference in the election or results. The new measure will also make it difficult for people to access tweets from political players with more than 100,000 followers–including that of President Trump that have been labeled as “misleading.

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