Twitter Video Ads Gets Positive Reviews

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Way before Twitter even went public and started to sell stock in the company, it was making many investors curious how the company was going to be making money.  For Twitter, one of the most popular social media outlets on the internet, making money has been like second nature, but it was not always an easy task for the company.  Advertisements placed throughout the Twitter website and within any mobile applications that are installed on mobile devices were annoying users, but the company still maintained the stance that they would use advertisements to make money.  Recently, Twitter rolled out a new ad product called “promoted video” and now that it has been running for a little while, the grades have come in.


Twitter trying to be different, if they can

Twitter is much like Facebook in that the advertisements can only be shown a certain number of ways.  Whether it be by dropping a sponsored tweet into someone’s timeline or showing users a sponsored hashtag.  The new promoted video advertisements that are getting tested throughout Twitter right now have been watching closely and feedback is starting to come in.  The promoted video advertisements are being watched by more user’s and in the end the advertising costs seem to be coming in a little lower compared to buying advertisements on YouTube videos.  This is good for a company looking to advertise, as well as for Twitter, which is making money on these advertisements.

Many analysts have been watching Twitter closely to see how the company is going to show up differently compared to the other social media outlets on the web when it comes to making money.  There is little doubt that traffic on the internet flows through Facebook and Twitter as a majority, so when social media analysts saw that the promoted advertisements were getting engagements from users, they were shocked.  One company has been testing the video advertisements for its clients and is having great success with the engagements from Twitter users.  The service to get your advertisements out there is very easy as well.

Before this, videos had to be embedded

If you wanted to place an ad on Twitter that included a video file, the company would have to embed a file from a third-party service such as YouTube.  That gave companies that wanted to advertise were millions of eyes could see very few options if a video was needed to get the point across.

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Author: Aaron Elliott

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