Twitter users can now pin tweets in Communities

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Twitter has come up with something new to improve engagement in Communities. Community admins can now pin tweets atop Community tabs.

For instance, Twitter Community admins now have an option called ‘Pin to Community Timeline’ on a Community tweet. It will keep the tweet on top of the feed. Community members can easily see them as a prompt or notice for them to engage in the conversation.

“Some Tweets deserve the spotlight, which is why mods and admins can now pin their Community Tweets on web. This feature was highly requested and we’re excited to see how you use it. Coming soon — the ability for mods and admins to pin their Community Tweets on iOS and Android!” explains Twitter.

The new feature will add more engagement in your enclosed Community. But Community still has to take off among Twitter users. The take up is seeing limited engagement.

Having a feature that is limited to an only a few has not always been Twitter’s manta. The service has always been about allowing everyone to have their say on the hottest topics.

Communities limits discussions to a selected few. We’ll see how this goes.

The Communities team has yet to reveal how much progress they have with the option. No official usage stats, memberships and engagements yet.

It all comes down to how you view it. How much value are you getting from Twitter Communities?

Pinned tweets could spark more interaction when it comes to this respect. If you enjoy the option, it is a good addition. For brands, it boosts awareness of new offers, products and initiatives in a more targeted audience.

We’ll see if Communities can survive the Elon Musk transition, and if it will remain a valuable feature for the broader tweet experience.

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Author: Francis Rey

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