Twitter to Charge Users for Two-Factor Authentication

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Become a Twitter Blue Subscriber to Use 2FA 

Two-factor authentication or 2FA is a method used to keep your account secure. But Twitter announced that only Twitter Blue subscribers could use this method. 

It means that if you wish to utilize 2FA you have to pay. The change will start on March 20. 

But 2FA is just one of the ways to authenticate your log-in. You may authenticate through a mobile app or use a security key. 

2FA is the primary method for most users to keep their accounts secure.

Why Does Twitter Want to Charge Users? 

“While historically a popular form of 2FA, unfortunately we have seen phone-number based 2FA be used – and abused – by bad actors. So starting today, we will no longer allow accounts to enroll in the text message/SMS method of 2FA unless they are Twitter Blue subscribers. The availability of text message 2FA for Twitter Blue may vary by country and carrier.” – Twitter

To subscribe to Twitter Blue, you have to pay $11 a month. The subscription also entitles you to get a blue checkmark on your account. If you purchase the subscription through the web, you’ll only pay $8 a month. 

Twitter stated that only 2.6% of its users enabled a 2FA method. Out of those users, the majority of them used SMS authentication because it’s the easiest way to use this security method. It doesn’t need anything beyond the phone you already have. 

To set up 2FA through an authentication app, you need to go through a few more hoops. 

Blue Verified Checkmark

The blue verified checkmark was relaunched in December with new details to prevent impersonators. It was done after the company launched it for anyone who wished to subscribe to it. 

But it resulted in widespread confusion. 

Twitter Blue lets you edit a tweet in a 30-minute window after you have posted it. 

The company will also charge companies if they wish to maintain the gold check-mark verification badge. The said badge was introduced in December. It replaced the blue-check marks intended for businesses. 

The cost of maintaining the gold checkmark is a whopping $1,000 a month. Then for each affiliated sub-account, an additional $50 is charged. 

On the other hand, if you don’t want to pay Twitter just to use 2FA, you can still protect your account using other methods. But you need to take action before March 20.

You will need an app-based 2FA. It’s more secure. You’ll also receive the SMS faster. With this method, your phone will generate a code through an authenticator app. This is more secure because the code doesn’t leave your device. 

So, if you wish to use this method, make sure to install an authenticator app on your phone. Then, go to your Twitter account, and visit Settings and Privacy. Tap Security and account access. 

When you’re on the 2FA settings page, choose the authentication app. Just follow the instructions carefully. After completing the steps, you can now start logging in using your password and a code generated from the authenticator app. 

Although it is more secure than Twitter’s 2FA, you need to ensure you won’t lose your phone. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time getting back into your account. 

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