Twitter tests Professional Profiles for brands, creators

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Twitter has started a live test of Professional Profiles. It will help brands present themselves proficiently on the platform. It uses custom features and tools aligned with work use.

twitter professional profiles

“Professional Profiles are a new tool that will allow businesses, non-profits, publishers, and creators – anyone who uses Twitter for work – to display specific information about their business directly on their profile. We’re starting with a small pool of businesses in the U.S. and will give more accounts access to Professional Profiles in the coming months,” says Twitter.

The example shows the new Professional Profiles with more details. It includes the address and contact info in the main profile, and a new layout.

Today’s announcement has a different format from the one the social network featured in a preview last month. It included options such as new badge types and business category.

twitter professional profiles

The sample does not hint of any other new elements, such as image gallery or product displays panel.

Twitter clarifies how it just started with a handful of brands in the app. It has yet to develop the option in future iterations. And it will provide new ways for brands to optimize their use and potential on the platform. 

What’s in it for Twitter

Having a new business profile could help pull new opportunities for Twitter. It can expand business promotion and ease the way for new opportunities to reach brands on its platform. For Twitter, it helps facilitate and manage reach and exposure.

For instance, Twitter could follow Facebook’s footsteps. And it could reduce the reach of business profile tweets to boost ad investment. It could help grow ad spend to optimize promotions.

Brand profiles have mixed with several things over the years. Most best brands have revised their tweet messaging to keep their relevance to followers. People also follow the brands they choose to hear from. It makes it harder for Twitter to justify.

It’s an instance of how dividing brand profiles can open new thoughts about the platform. It could also help with product launches, ad opportunities, tools and more.

We will see where Twitter goes and keep you posted.

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Author: Francis Rey

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