Twitter Super Follows Feature: Users Can Now Charge Followers for Content

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Some of your tweets are worth something.

That’s what Twitter thinks. On Thursday, Twitter announced that it plans to introduce a pay-for-posts feature, which will be called Super Follows. 

In this feature, users will pay the people they are following for their “best” tweets. Users can make money from their exclusive content to particular followers. 

The payment scheme has a variety of forms. It can be a few dollars a month for an exclusive newsletter. They can also pay for special tweets available to Super Followers. 

Incentives for the Service 

Some people may think that it’s far-fetched to pay people to see their tweets. However, Twitter wants to revise the incentives of its service. 

The pay-for-post feature will help in building specific communities around certain topics. 

Direct payment tools are getting popular among creators. Patreon, for one, is a successful platform. Other social media platforms, like YouTube and Facebook, have offered direct creator payment features too. 

Jack Dorsey said that there are reasons people don’t believe in Twitter. He believes that people think the platform is slow, it’s not innovative, and not unreliable. 

The company’s investors have been asking the company to introduce a subscription-based model. Users can make money from their online popularity if the platform will offer it. 

The subscriptions will let Twitter get a new range of revenue sources. However, the company didn’t reveal how much its share will be. 

With Super Follows, users can support the people they follow to motivate them to continue creating content that they love. 

Furthermore, this tool will allow users to have more control over their content. 

Don’t get too excited about Super Follows. This feature isn’t available yet. But Twitter promised that it’ll share more information about it in the coming months. 

Twitter and Communities

Twitter will also introduce Communities, a group-like tool. However, Twitter didn’t share a lot about this feature but more details are also coming in the latter part of this year. 

But the idea is for certain communities to get together on the platform outside the public view. 

With this tool, people can easily find other individuals who share the same interests. They can discover and participate in conversations with communities that they like.

Just like Super Follows, the Communities tool is also not available yet. 

These features may help the company in doubling its yearly revenue in 2023. The stock recently rose 3.9%. The Super Follow feature may assist the company in reaching $7.5 billion in annual revenue. 

Twitter is facing challenges in India. It’s a growing market that has plans to require social medial companies to delete specific content and coordinate with the police. 

Previously, the company didn’t delete posts related to farmers’ protests in the said country. 

But these features may also encourage people to share misinformation content to a certain group of people or communities. Analysts think that these features will make it easier for users to spread lies and conspiracy theories. 

Nevertheless, the pay-for-tweet feature is more prolific than just getting likes.

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Author: Jane Danes

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