Twitter Spaces adds new tools for managing your recordings

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New week, new feature—and that has somehow been the story of Spaces; Twitter’s social audio feature. Twitter has just added some new tools to help you manage your recordings on Spaces.

Permanent Recordings

This new element ensures your recordings stay as long as you want them to. Usually, recordings would become unavailable after 30 days; but that is no longer the case.

This new element has the capacity to keep some interesting spaces alive, and keep your listeners engaged. It means people can come back anytime to listen to it, and you can recommend them to go take a listen months after.

New Listing of Recorded Spaces

Twitter is also adding a new listing of your recorded Spaces; this you will find within your app settings menu. This will enable you to each session back, delete the ones you do not like, and share your recording direct from the list.

Example of the new section under Settings that allows users to manage their Spaces recordings.

More Details in the Status Bar

Going forward, Android users will get to see more details about who is hosting, the topics being discussed, who has shared a tweet, and much more in the Status Bar. This, Twitter hopes will entice more people to join Spaces, and get involved in the conversation.

Mock-up of the Home Timeline showing the updated Space bar at the top.

All features are live now, and accessible to all users on Twitter.

Twitter is reportedly testing a shortcut that will allow you to create Spaces in the Tweet composer.

The test was uncovered by reliable reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi who posted a screenshot on Twitter. In the screenshot, Paluzzi, who goes by the Twitter handle @alex193a, showed how users can easily create or start a Twitter Space from the composer button.

The shortcut will make it easier to create or start your spaces. It will also make the feature more visible to users. Twitter in the meantime, has not confirmed if the report is true, but given Paluzzi’s previous history, we may not be far from having the feature rolled out.

It will be interesting to see the stats behind your spaces. This is important for several reasons, including being able to plan. Twitter, according to Nima Owji, is also working on a new analytics page for Spaces.

The analytics page will among other things, show you the number of people who turned up for your spaces, speakers, co-hosts, recording replays, and live listeners.

As a creator, having access to such stats will help you plan your next spaces, understand how listeners react to certain guest speakers, and the type of topics people love to listen to.

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