Twitter Slams Politwoops

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Your daily dose of controversial tweets is now over

Your daily dose of controversial tweets is now over


News broke out earlier this week that Twitter has finally made the impending decision of shutting down Politwoops, a project of Sunlight Foundation, focusing on tracking deleted tweets of politicians. The Sunlight Foundation confirmed the news with a tweet, despite that the website is still accessible.

The service became popular for capturing misspellings, mistakes, and misfires made by politicians. All deleted tweets could be found in the archives of the website. A statement released by Twitter claims that while the company respects the accountability of Politwoops, they could not just ignore how it was violating the terms of service. It reads:

“Yesterday we spoke to the Sunlight Foundation, to tell them we will not restore Twitter API access for their Politwoops site. We strongly support Sunlight’s mission of increasing transparency in politics and using civic tech and open data to hold government accountable to constituents, but preserving deleted Tweets violates our developer agreement.”

In the statement, the spokesperson said that the prime objective of Twitter is to protect and honor user privacy, whether the user is a Congressmen or anonymous. However, Christopher Gates, the President of Sunlight Foundation, was not too happy with the news. He posted on the company blog:

“Twitter’s decision to pull the plug on Politwoops is a reminder of how the Internet isn’t truly a public square. “

Back in 2012, Twitter issued a warning to Sunlight Foundation on violation its terms of services. However, both parties reached an agreement, only to shut down the platform earlier this week.

Politwoops is popular for capturing some of the most bizarre political tweets, including one Jack Markell, the Governor of Delaware sharing a provocative picture on the popular microblogging platform, only to remove it seconds later.


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Author: Firdaus

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