Twitter shows new safety tools, updates Birdwatch

Twitter wants more transparency and options for violations and moderation of its community guidelines. So, it is considering new safety tools for users to better understand and act.

Safety Center

First comes a new Safety center. And Twitter says it is a one-stop shop for safety tools.

twitter safety tools birdwatch

The Safety Center gives users a summary of reports, mutes, blocks, and strikes they have in their accounts. It also gives the social network a way to notify on any unsettled reports through the Report Center tab.

Twitter warns users if they have a possible suspension after a policy violation. It may or may not prompt them to reconsider how they act on the platform. But it comes with a link to the guidelines.

The idea is to inform as many users as possible of Twitter’s policies. And it keeps them aware if their activity violates the guidelines or not.

It raises awareness. But it may give people a means to push the boundaries. They may dial back after an advisory from a constant checking tool that notifies of a possible suspension.

Policy Hub

The second Twitter concept is a new Policy Hub. It has a full outline of the rules and policies.

twitter safety tools birdwatch

With the documents available for review, it will set clear restrictions on where Twitter draws the line. Its success depends on how frequent users will read it.

Safety School

Another concept is Safety School. It avoids suspension for Twitter violations if a violator takes a short quiz or course to learn more about the infraction.

twitter safety tools birdwatch

Users will go through a summary of the specific rule that they broke. It raises awareness of the policies.

Weekly Safety Report

Another concept Twitter is looking into is a Weekly Safety Report. It shows users how many accounts use the block and mute tools.

twitter safety tools birdwatch

If you have a good grasp on how many people use the tools, you might stop the stigma on harmful relationships by shutting off users.

The display will show how many accounts in your network often violate rules. It gives you an idea on how many offenders you have in your network.

Appeal for Violations

Twitter also has a new process to appeal for violations.

twitter safety tools birdwatch

It is easier to act when you feel a restriction is unfair or incorrect and stains your profile.

The elements here add to the transparency and accountability of enforcing Twitter rules. But it may not be as effective for large followings that are not interacted with regularly.

Some users may have followers who they seldom engaged with. The tools that analyze your network only consider the accounts you follow, rather than those that follow you.


Twitter has announced an update to its crowdsourced factchecking process Birdwatch. It prompts users to review Birdwatch notes to add more credibility to ratings.

Today we’re adding a new “Needs your help” tab to the Birdwatch Home page. This tab will surface Tweets that are typically rated by your fellow Birdwatchers but not always by you.

— Birdwatch (@birdwatch) March 25, 2021

Twitter says this will ensure a more diverse feedback on Birdwatch alerts. It effectively increases report accuracy.

Safety tools and updates for Birdwatch may soon be highlighted as valuable additions to Twitter.

We will keep you posted.

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