Twitter shares new preview screenshot of its upcoming recording feature for Spaces

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Twitter has shared a new image of its upcoming recording feature for Spaces. The image provides more insight into what the option looks like. It could also be another of Twitter’s way of hyping the feature before official release.

The recording feature could add a new level of functionality to Spaces. You will be able to record your spaces, and even share it. We still do not know when this will be released. The recording feature will, however, help creators to listen to their spaces a second time.

Twitter is also working on some other features for Spaces. Among others, you will be able to make your own rules and replay.

Clubhouse is Spaces’ biggest competition, and it will be interesting if some of these features are also added. Clubhouse does not have a recording feature; but even that could change if Spaces makes a success of it.

When rules are unclear or too ambiguous, there will always be conflicts. In one of the findings of Nima Owji, a reverse engineer, Twitter wants to give “rules” for spaces users. When this becomes available, you will be able to set your own rules—as a host, you will be able to define what can and cannot be done.

A new option to block a Spaces is also been tested according to Owji. What this means is that you will be able to restrict a live conversation to a specific group of people.

A couple of weeks ago, Twitter added a co-host option to Spaces. This would mean that hosts will now be able to appoint up to two co-hosts for their social audio rooms. It will now be easier for hosts to manage and moderate conversations.

Co-hosts will have almost the same moderation and managing privileges as the main host. They [co-hosts] will be able to speak, invite other members of the room to kick people out of the room, speak, pin tweets, and many more.

Only the main host, however, can invite or remove other users as co-hosts. Also, it is important to add that co-hosts cannot end the room—the right to do this is exclusive to the original host.

Adding the co-host option is a big boost for hosts—this option enables them to take charge of a room with a large gathering. With the co-host option, Twitter is already looking ahead—the company hopes to compete big-time with Clubhouse.

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Author: Ola Ric

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