Twitter replaces “Retweet with comments” with “Quote Tweets”—it’s official


Just last week we brought you a report about how Twitter was planning some minor changes. To be precise, we reported that the microblogging platform was planning to replace “Retweet with comments” with “Quote.” Now, there is an update as the social media giant has tweeted the change, which is now official.

The announcement was accompanied with a GIF showing the “Quote” feature sitting next to the Retweet feature. So, I went straight to my Twitter page to see if the feature was already activated for me, and there it was—right, set go! It is not a big feature/update actually, but let us see how it goes with other users.

Reliable reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong tweeted a screenshot of the change via her twitter page recently. The new Quote feature has now officially replaced the mouthful one that lined up as a part of two options that allows you to retweet without quoting the original tweet or with it.

A couple of weeks ago, Twitter updated its “Link” policy to block hateful conduct on its platform. Twitter’s new policy has already gone into effect, and specific URLs might no longer be allowed to have a free reign on the platform. Twitter may start blocking specific URLs categorized as harmful, while accounts that frequently share these types of links may get suspended.

In June, reliable tipster Jane Manchun Wong posted a new screenshot suggesting that Twitter was working on a “Request Verification” feature. The feature, which is still being tested by the microblogging platform, would when launched, allow you to request to be verified.

Currently, this is not the case as you would have to go through a process, which does not include making a request from within the platform itself. What is not clear, however, is whether this upcoming feature would speed up and simplify the process of getting the famous Twitter blue badge.

Four years ago, Twitter opened up its verification process to everyone—simplifying the process sort of. The company said it will consider accounts attached to a verified phone number and email address. On Twitter’s Help Center page, the company said users with bio, profile photo, birthday and website as well as “Tweets set as public in Tweet privacy settings” will be considered for the blue verified badge.

In addition to providing a verified phone number, email and a bio during the application process, prospective applicants are also required to tell Twitter why they should be verified, and potentially ask for a government-issued ID for confirmation of identity.

Author: Ola Ric

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