Twitter replaces its bird logo with the Doge logo

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Amidst its numerous challenges, one of the least of worries for Twitter is a new logo. So, we thought, but Elon Musk thinks otherwise as one of the world’s richest men has just replaced the old Twitter logo with the Doge logo.

Want to find out if this an April Fool thing? Well, not really as the new Doge logo is sitting atop the Twitter home page on the right side precisely. No official reason was given for this change, and we do not know if this has come to stay.

I guess we just wait to see if the change has come to stay or will be reversed with an official statement coming with as well.

In other Twitter news, the company has added more countries and regions to the list of countries where organizations can get verified. Verification for Organizations is a feature that offers brands a gold checkmark for their main account for a monthly subscription. Employees of such organizations can also be verified as affiliates for a monthly fee; though lower than what organizations pay.

US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Switzerland, and Israel are countries where organizations can currently access the gold checkmark.

A Twitter Verified Organization pays a monthly subscription fee of $1,000/month (plus any applicable tax) and $50/month (plus any applicable tax) for each additional affiliate in the US Prices may however, vary by region and are subject to change.

The monthly subscription fee gives an organization a gold checkmark on its brand account a square profile picture on its brand profile, an affiliate badge, a smaller version of its brand profile image that is added to approved accounts in the app, affiliates display on the main brand page that shows all the accounts linked to the main brand profile.

A $1,000 per month subscription fee seems a lot of money to part with; but Twitter seems to think otherwise and believes its offer is worth it.

Last February, Twitter started reaching out to brands through email encouraging them to consider buying its gold checkmark.

In the email, Twitter said:

Thanks for your interest in Verified Organizations. We’re now opening the gates for early access to our Organization plan,” the email reads. As an early access subscriber, you’ll get a gold checkmark for your organization and affiliation badges for its associates. Next week, we’ll onboard you to our administration portal and you will be eligible for Tweet Boosting, which will increase the reach and distribution for your organization and its affiliates whenever you tweet.

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Author: Ola Ric

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