Twitter releases insights on consumer expectations for Christmas 2020

Brands must have their Christmas 2020 promotions in place to capitalize on sales during the holiday season.

So Twitter UK has provided new insights to help you focus your holiday campaigns. It provides a better grasp of how consumers see Christmas 2020, what they are seeking, who they are engaging with, and more.

Christmas will be different this year. And understanding what consumers expect may shape the best messaging for your campaigns.

Twitter notes that people have been looking forward to Christmas all year. And it is higher than normal in 2020.

Twitter Christmas 2020

With the lockdowns and impacts of COVID-19, people are hoping that Christmas will be a time for them to catch up with family and friends in person. 

This week, Austria, Belgium, France , Germany, and the UK announced a new round of nationwide lockdowns  to avoid the collapse of their health systems.

Most regions will face limitations and restrictions this Christmas 2020. But the survey shows that people are looking for some relief and celebration. Even in lockdown, the holiday season might be the best chance to connect with people in a human, concerted way.

Twitter Christmas 2020

The pandemic has raised our community spirit. And supporting small, local businesses may help ease the struggle more than others. 

Twitter Christmas 2020

Brands must consider the role they play in the community. And they must know how they can help to share the benefits of the peak shopping season. 

Big brands must support local charities, sporting groups or other civic involvement. SMBs may partner with other small operators to introduce co-promotions and help each other maximize brand awareness.

The data shows that people want to assist their local communities. You can provide channels for them to assist using your own business as a platform.

Twitter Christmas 2020

“In-store health and safety is a key concern this holiday season. People on Twitter are talking about shopping early to avoid the crowds. Brands should rethink the timing of offers and be prepared to welcome customers earlier,” says Twitter to highlight the focus on health measures amid the pandemic.

Ensure that you have acceptable health measures ready. And take extra safety precautions in any case. These things are important to consider in your holiday season push. 

Twitter recommends that brands communicate continually around their safety measures. It ensures they want to keep people safe during the pandemic. While it has become the new normal, echoing these practices can help make your customers feel more comfortable about walking in to your store, or buying your products.

No one expected the pandemic to linger this long. And people have accustomed to Christmas as a time of freedom. A time when we finally continue our normal lives. But it has become more unlikely with every day that passes by.

Brands must restructure their messaging to align with consumer trends and interests. These insights have valuable pointers. And the broader trends are evident in all regions despite the data being taken from the UK. 

You can read the Twitter UK Christmas 2020 full report here.

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