Twitter Permanently Bans Politics for All

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Twitter suspends Politics for All because it violated some rules. 

Politics for All Banned on Twitter 

The blue bird social media has done it again. By banning the new aggregator Politics for All, Twitter showed how powerful it is in depriving news outlets of their audience. It can do so without warning. 

Twitter suspended the account because it violated Blue Bird’s rules on platform manipulation and spam. Unfortunately, it’s not just a temporary suspension but a permanent ban. 

Politics for All is a news aggregator. 

Over the last 12 months, the platform grew by aggregating news stories published by mainstream outlets. It uses a technique that allows tweets to go viral on Twitter. 

As a result, it has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers. These followers include government ministers and MPs. 

Topics That Would Go Viral

Although the news aggregator offers interesting news, the account focused on specifics that would go viral by distorting stories. 

Journalists complained that the breaking news posts attract more social media shares than the posts by the news outlets that actually published the stories. 

The news aggregator highlighted stories that would have been missed by people. 

Because of how it shares posts, it has built a massive following. When Twitter banned the account, Gary Neville, a former Manchester United footballer, is one of the people and followers of Politics for All who called for the account to be reinstated. 

Nick Moar

The personal account of Nick Moar, the founder of Politics for All, was also suspended. His profile, however, doesn’t show that his account is suspended. Instead, you’ll see a message “this account doesn’t exist.” 

According to the Twitter Rules on Platform Manipulation and Spam, the platform prohibits “posting identical or substantially similar Tweets or hashtags from multiple accounts you operate.” The rules also prohibit being followers and posting malware. 

The founder of the said account wasn’t informed by Twitter about the reasons for the suspension. But Nick and his team are appealing the decision. 


Politics for All tweets include red alarm emojis. They also include the word “NEW” or “Breaking” added to the first tweet. Then, a follow-up tweet is published with a link back to the source. 

This strategy has been effective because it has gained over 400K followers. But some people criticized it because the tweets deny clicks to the source. This could be the reason for the suspension. 

But it has also been accused of misrepresentation when it would choose to highlight a more limited angle than the source. 

A Conservative 

According to this report, “A popular politics platform that labels itself as “strictly impartial” is run by a Conservative Party supporter and Brexit advocate, Byline Times can reveal.” 

The suspension is similar to what Twitter did to an account that shared an update about the Ghislaine Maxwell trial in NY. It also coincided with the suspension of the US Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter account. The platform stated that her account was suspended because of the repeated spread of COVID-19 misinformation. 

This deletion of a popular news aggregation service could attract political scrutiny.

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