Twitter Offers Influencers a Way to Monetize Videos Across the Platform

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Twitter Monetization

Twitter will roll out a new way for influencers or content creators to monetize their videos using the platform through its Amplify Push Program. With it, social media celebrities can make money on Twitter and its 140-character tweets.

Today, Twitter announced that it’s expanding its revenue program to assist these celebrities in monetizing their content in several ways and on a bigger scale.

In a blog post, Twitter product manager said:

“Today, we’re excited to announce the expansion of our creator revenue programs, which will provide creators of all sizes with the ability to monetize content in multiple ways and generate revenue at scale.”

How much will they receive?

Influencers will get approximately 70 percent of the ad revenue. If you think about it, it’s a lot better than what YouTube and Facebook offer to the creators.

What is Amplify Publisher Program?

“The Amplify Publisher Program provides approved creators in the US with the ability to monetize their videos, which is as simple as “checking a box” prior to Tweeting. Pre-roll ads will then run against the content and a portion of the ad revenue is then shared back with creator.”

Twitter is doing it because it wants to attract more content creators to use its platform. It also offers a new media library for producers. Plus, it enables tweet scheduling and planning, as well as providing tools to manage multiple accounts.

Twitter on Mobile and Desktop

Twitter Engage app is also expanding allowing content creators to manage their videos and the revenue they make from them using a desktop or mobile.

The target audience of this project is the more than 35,000 content creators who are part of Niche. It’s a startup that the company bought in 2015. This app connects those influencers on Vine and other platforms with companies.

This announcement is another way for Twitter to compete with Youtube and Facebook. These two networks are working on the way to improve the appeal of their platforms.

For example, YouTube offers production studios that come with the latest equipment.

Facebook, on the other hand, are paying more than $50 million to 140 influencers and media companies to persuade them to use and experiment the program.

Stagnant User Growth

This news came while there’s an ongoing concern about the stagnant user growth of Twitter causing its stock to plummet. Some of its executives are also departing.

While Twitter is busy competing with Facebook and YouTube in content making, these two social networking sites are shifting their focus and competition to live streaming. The live video videos on YouTube, for instance, increased by 80 percent in the past year.

Facebook, on the other hand, said that its average users consume more live videos than other types of videos on the platform.

Although Twitter acquired Periscope, which is a live-streaming service, it’s not competing effectively against those two giants.

With this announcement of Twitter, it’s just a matter of time that we’ll see this program to open up to other types of users. We may also see it expanding to other video areas allowing everyone to monetize the platform through live conversations.

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