Twitter logo to be replaced by X,” says Elon Musk

One of the worst-kept secrets in recent times is now out in the open, as Twitter is about to replace its popular Bird logo with an X. This was made known by no other person than owner, Elon Musk, on Saturday.

Musk tweeted on Saturday that the Twitter logo is going away and will be replaced by an ‘X’ logo as soon as possible. Well, the ability to replace the logo will also depend on how soon he gets a new one submitted. Then, on Sunday, he tweeted an animation of an X graphic on a black background, which could possibly mean his desire for a new one got granted.

The last time I checked, though, the bird logo still remained, but of course, this could change anytime.

Sometimes in April, Musk temporarily replaced its bird logo with the popular Doge logo. The Doge logo sat atop the Twitter home page on the right side, precisely. No official reason was given for this change, though it was later removed and replaced with the old one.

A couple of months ago, Elon Musk announced that Twitter was in the process of purging inactive accounts in order to free up @handles. The billionaire Twitter owner announced this via his Twitter handle, warning that it would lead to a drop in follower count.

So, what happens to the tweets of those inactive accounts? For those who experience a massive dip in follower count, what happens to their monetization status? Would they still retain their ability to monetize their accounts considering the fact that the dip would affect the minimum threshold?

Twitter is reportedly working on video and audio calling functionality for direct messages. Apparently, this feature will only be accessible to Blue subscribers, which, by the way, is getting all the attention these days.

The upcoming feature was posted online by Twitter user T(w)itter who posted a screenshot of how the element looks on his page.

A great feature to look forward to, if you ask me. However, this is not confirmed, and we may have to wait a while to have a wider rollout. 

Twitter is also reportedly working on a video download feature. According to Twitter user Nima Owji, the new button will come with options that enable creators to disable or enable it in settings.

The download button is placed just below the playback option and will allow you to download videos straight from Twitter. This will eliminate or reduce the use of third-party download apps on the app.

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