Twitter launches picture-in-picture video playback

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Twitter is rolling out two new updates including picture-in-picture video playback. The feature will enable you to keep viewing a video clip as you scroll through the app.

The good thing about this is that it makes it easier to multitask in-stream as against watching on your TV screen while also scrolling through tweets. It means that the microblogging platform will be able to enhance its value as a singular entertainment and information solution.

Twitter already, has been the primary source of latest news and information for a lot of people in the last few years, but not so in terms of maximizing its video potential.

Twitter is also exploring the possibility of providing a native video download option on the app. The demand for this addition has been on the high for a while now, and it seems users are going to have the wishes come true.

In other news, Twitter has opened up its voice recording feature in DMs to more regions. It means more people across regions and cities will have access to test and give a feedback on the new feature.

A couple of weeks ago, some users in the US started seeing the new feature appear for them. The feature was first released in 2020, and then launched in places like Brazil, India and Japan in 2021.

With voice recording in DMs, you will be able to record and send voice messages to other users with similar feature. It is not a new feature, but one would have expected this to have gone round by now.

Twitter rolled out its much-talked about 10,000 characters in messages sometimes last month. The upgrade is however, only available to Blue subscribers on the platform. The update means Blue subscribers will have access to tweet up to 10,000 characters, and use bold and italic formatting.

The new 10,000 characters allow for longer writing, and is similar to when you are writing an essay. Unlike the short snippers of text that defined the platform’s method of conversation on the platform, paid subscribers now have more characters available to them.

Twitter Blue offers subscribers more features than the free version, including a blue checkmark, and costs $8 per month if you sign up through Twitter.

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Author: Ola Ric

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