Twitter Launches Facebook-Like Profile Redesign

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Twitter is reportedly working to redesign its profile pages, making them more visual, with bigger images, and looking a lot more like social rivals Facebook and Google+.

During its most recent earnings report, Twitter said its timeline views dropped significantly at the end of last year – while user numbers were also said to be slowing – leading some to suggest the site may need to look for inspiration from its competitors.

According to Mashable, the new Twitter profile page has the avatar photo and biography placed well to the left side of the page and devotes a lot of space to the header photo.

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The design, which Mashable suggested only affects the desktop version of Twitter, also seems to make tweets much larger. Also, this new look includes features such as a wider cover photo, Facebook- and Pinterest-style cards and new content tabs.

In its conference call with analysts, Twitter senior management insisted that they understand that their current user experience is difficult for new users, and that they are going to be rolling out new features over the next year intended to improve that experience.

In addition, the company put up a blog post last September saying it does experiment with new features from time to time. This redesign may well be evidence of such efforts

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Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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