Twitter launches audio social Spaces Beta on Android

Audio social is hot. And Twitter is working fast to ride the heat wave. It has developed its own Clubhouse-like Spaces at a pace like no other Twitter product we have ever seen.

Twitter released earlier this week a new scheduling features for Spaces. And its other features are in the works.

Today, reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong has discovered a new element under development. And she found that Twitter is working on private audio Spaces in the app.

Wong has noted Spaces updates that Twitter is working on. And it includes temporary Space recordings for reporting, new emojis in the Spaces UI, and private Spaces. The latter is only available to those you invite to join.

twitter audio social spaces

It seems Twitter wants to change its wordings for more private audio rooms. Hosts can control who can speak. But the new option allows you to limit the number of listeners.

The idea with the new audio recording feature is for audio to be available for reviews. And it is private, not for public release.

Some users noted that auto transcripts or captions are available. It somehow voids the need for a recording.

Spaces Beta on Android

Twitter has launched the first stage of Spaces for Android also.

Android folks, our beta is growing! starting today you will be able to join and talk in any Space. SOON you’ll be able to create your own but we’re still working out some things. keep your ???? out for live Spaces above your home tl

— Spaces (@TwitterSpaces) March 2, 2021

Clubhouse is gaining traction. And it’s not available on Android yet. So Twitter wants to beat it into the audio social trend.

Being first to Android is a key step for Twitter. It expands the option to more users and boost the use of its clone. And it demotivates users from choosing Clubhouse.

Clubhouse has established a solid fanbase. It made its name by focusing on audio. So, it could still win against Twitter through more polished, dedicated features.

Twitter has a larger scale. Its broadcasters can reach larger audiences in the Twitter app. It is a tidal wave for Clubhouse to overcome in that aspect.

Twitter is working fast on Spaces. Twitter product chief Kayvon Beykpour acknowledged that their development pace has been sluggish. But they are rectifying it to capitalize on opportunities.

Twitter is under pressure to evolve.  Its activist investors are looking for progress, and the removal of CEO Jack Dorsey. This drive has sparked a new ambition for Twitter. It has set aggressive growth targets and a range of developments.

Audio Spaces play a key role. Although still early to say if the audio social trend will last, it seems the Spaces has a space in the app. 

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