Twitter is working on the possibility of using multiple security keys


Twitter is reportedly testing a new way to keep your account secured. The microblogging company per Jane Manchun Wong is testing multiple ways security keys. When launched, the functionality will be useful when it comes to making your account more secure.

The truth is one cannot be too sure with the constant threat we face on the internet every day. Adding an extra layer of security when and where necessary will help reduce account vulnerability.

This is coming a couple of weeks after some high-profile Twitter users had their account compromised. Some weeks back, some hackers were able to secure access to the accounts of some politicians and business moguls. This allowed the hackers to fool unsuspecting followers.

On her Twitter page, Jane posted a screenshot showing how you can secure your accounts with multiple options. You can use a security key, authentication app, and SMS. Further down the screenshot, you will see another option that allows you to add another key, and backup codes.

The feature is currently still being tested, and may not be immediately available to everyone. However, Jane as you already know by now, has gained a reputation for bringing us inside information concerning yet-to-be released features.

Last year, Twitter changed its security settings to let you use two-factor authentication also known as 2FA without making your phone number available to the service. Use of authentication apps have become increasingly popular, which renders the use of phone numbers less relevant.

Authentication apps are more secure and give users some measure of reassurance when using the Twitter service. As a matter of fact, unlike your phone number that exposes some measure of personal information, authentication apps are more secure and private.

Deleting your number from Twitter only takes a couple of steps. Simply go to settings in the app or on Twitter’s website, and click into the “Account” menu. Tap your phone number, and then select the delete option. It is however, important to note that deleting your phone number without setting up an alternative 2FA method will turn it off. So, be sure to set up an authentication app before deleting your number.

In 2019, Twitter said the phone number associated with Jack Dorsey’s account was compromised. This, according to the company was due to a security oversight by the unnamed mobile provider. Twitter said this allowed unauthorized persons to compose and send tweets via text message from the phone number.

Twitter failed to identify or mention any of the four carriers responsible for the compromise at the time. Interestingly too, none of the four have come out to deny or issue an official statement on what really happened. Apparently, some internal investigation is ongoing [we hope], but this is one issue that may or may not drag on.

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