Twitter is working on the ability to tip people for their great tweets

Twitter is currently exploring a new way through which influencers could get paid by their followers. By enabling a tipping button, influencers on Twitter could make some more money whenever their followers feel encouraged by their tweets.

For influencers who wish to monetize their content on the microblogging platform, a tipping button could soon become available for that purpose. A screenshot of the tipping feature was posted by our reliable tipster Jane Manchun Wong; but has also now been confirmed by Twitter per Engadget.

We see other impactful opportunities provide monetary incentive models that allow creators and publishers on Twitter to be directly supported by their articles, they’ll see us explore solutions for tipping and account subscriptions through super follows,” Twitter’s Head of Design and Research, Dantley Davis said per Engadget.

Twitter said the super followers would provide users with access to newsletters, special badges and other “exclusive content.” Explaining further, the social media giant said creators could also set tweets so that only users who have paid for “super follows” can reply. “We’re rethinking incentives and exploring solutions to provide monetary incentive models for Creators and Publishers to be directly supported by their audience,” Twitter wrote in a presentation. 

Earlier this month, Twitter added stickers to Fleets, which brings the feature almost at per with Snapchat. Fleets is Twitter’s own version of Stories and was launched to engage users. Millions of users and influencers are already warming up to it; and probably explains why the upgrade.

When making a Fleet, you will be able to add stickers by tapping the smiley face icon on the bottom row of your screen. This will enable you to have access to a collection of Twitter-made animated stickers and emoji or “Twemoji” as Twitter calls it. When you search for something in the search bar at the top of your screen, Twitter will pull up GIFs sourced from Giphy and Tenor. 

Fleets was launched early in 2020 across various markets but did not hit the global scene until November. The global launch was announced via the company’s official Twitter page. In the tweet, Twitter said Fleet is now accessible to everyone. 

Fleets is not really different from Stories— first introduced by Snapchat, then improved upon by Instagram. You can share texts, respond to other people’s tweets, and post videos with similar background color—with all these disappearing within 24 hours just like you have with Instagram and Snapchat. To add more color and fun to Fleet, Twitter said it will be adding live broadcast and stickers sometime in the future.

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