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Image Credit: Jane Manchun Wong

Facebook has a “group” where like-minded people gather online to share their views and do things. Twitter, meanwhile is quite different; the social media platform has no such feature or place where people could relate other than the timeline. That could change anytime as reliable reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong has tweeted a new Community Page being tested by the social media giant.

From the screenshot posted by Jane, you will be able to create a community where other members can post and respond to posts. I am not so sure about this, but I guess you will also be able to control and restrict membership to certain categories of users. 

Jane, like you know, has a very impressive and enviable record when it comes to calling many of these unreleased features. We hope we will be able to see Twitter launch a Community Page in the very foreseeable future. 

May I also add that the feature just like many others that have been called in the past may not make it to an official launch; it all depends on how important Twitter sees things.

 A couple of days ago, Twitter announced that it is currently testing the ability for users to watch YouTube videos without exiting the platform.

Before now, when you click on a link within your timeline it takes you to YouTube where you can watch a video. This will no longer be the case, especially if you are using Twitter on iOS. The feature is still being tested and currently only available to people in Canada, US, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

โ€œThe current test on iOS will be a four-week experiment,โ€ a Twitter spokesperson said. We plan to take a look at the results and will scale accordingly,โ€ a Twitter spokesperson said per The Verge.

The limited test which Twitter says will only last four weeks, is one in a couple of other tests being carried out by the social media giant. The microblogging platform is also testing among others, an audio chat feature, undo feature and others.

Confirming the undo feature, a Twitter spokesperson said the undo send feature is being tested as part of the exploration of how subscriptions could work on the platform. 

Recall that the social media behemoth said it is working on paid subscription models to reduce its dependence on revenue being generated from are. 

While millions of users would have loved to see the edit button, adding an undo send feature will come in handy whenever you want to recall a tweet sent with some errors while typing it.

Author: Ola Ric

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