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Twitter is reportedly testing an interesting new feature—a podcast button. This is interesting in a couple of ways. The social media giant already has Spaces; a social audio feature that allows people to host live conversations. There is a possibility that Spaces could welcome tools to converts them into podcasts.

Reliable reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong spotted the new podcast button. As expected, Wong posted a screenshot of the new feature on her Twitter page. The screenshot was not accompanied by any description, but the microblogging company wants to add a podcast button.

The test shows where Twitter’s main priorities are in the future—the microblogging platform is already betting big on social audio with Spaces. Podcasting is big business, and adding a new button to that effect could help bring in more people to Twitter.

The podcast test was also spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi who as usual posted a screenshot, which is slightly different from Wong’s screenshot. Regardless of the difference however, what is obvious is that Twitter is working on a podcast button which could get a few broadcasters excited.

Twitter has not commented on the test, and may not do so. That said, it will be interesting to see if this makes it to an official roll out in the next couple of weeks or months.

In related news, the ability to record spaces is now open to Android users after limited beta for iOS. With this, all Spaces users can now record their spaces to be listened to after the live broadcast.

Twitter in the last couple of months has added a lot of cool features to enable it compete with Clubhouse. The truth is that Spaces is beginning to attract millions of users, which shows that Twitter’s efforts are beginning to pay off.

Though, Twitter has the edge when it comes to its userbase, which is way bigger than what Clubhouse has now, the microblogging platform is doing a lot in terms of new features.

The option for hosts to record is now available for everyone on Android and iOS! When starting a Space, tap the “Record Space” switch to have it available for public playback for 30 days once the Space ended,” Twitter said via its support page.

The option, however, is not available to listeners as they will not be able to access the recording feature. Listeners who would love to record Spaces, would have to record it using third-party software.

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Author: Ola Ric

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