Twitter is testing a new “Liked by Author” Label

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Image Credit: TechCrunch

Twitter is reportedly testing a new “Liked by Author” label that appears when the original creator of a tweet likes your reply. The test was uncovered a TechCrunch reporter who posted a screenshot.

Twitter meanwhile, has confirmed that it is indeed testing different labels to help give people context about the tweets they see. A spokesperson of the social media giant, however, said there is nothing more to share on the “Liked by Author” label.

TechCrunch reports that once the author of a tweet likes a reply, it is marked with a badge that is visible to the user who left the reply and to others viewing it. Some users across countries have started spotting the label; although this does not confirm if the test is a global one.

It is not known at this time if the label will be officially launched since this is just a test.

In other news, Twitter continues to make Twitter Spaces better and more competitive. The social media giant is reportedly testing a shortcut that will allow you to create Spaces in the Tweet composer.

The test was uncovered by reliable reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi who posted a screenshot on Twitter. In the screenshot, Paluzzi, who goes by the Twitter handle @alex193a, showed how users can easily create or start a Twitter Space from the composer button.

The shortcut will make it easier to create or start your spaces. It will also make the feature more visible to users. Twitter in the meantime, has not confirmed if the report is true, but given Paluzzi’s previous history, we may not be far from having the feature rolled out.

It will be interesting to see the stats behind your spaces. This is important for several reasons, including being able to plan. Twitter, according to Nima Owji, is working on a new analytics page for Spaces.

The analytics page will among other things, show you the number of people who turned up for your spaces, speakers, co-hosts, recording replays, and live listeners. As a creator, having access to such stats will help you plan your next spaces, understand how listeners react to certain guest speakers, and the type of topics people love to listen to.

Details are sketchy now, but it is interesting to know that Twitter is looking to add analytics page to help creators. It is not known if the analytics page will be rolling out soon, but given Twitter’s recent passion for Spaces, we may soon have an official roll out. That said, it is important not to get your hopes high until there is an official confirmation.

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