Twitter is testing a new Job Post feature

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Twitter is testing a new job posting feature that will allow verified organisations to post jobs. This sounds like Twitter venturing into new areas a social media company like LinkedIn is known for these past years.  

The feature, according to a screenshot posted by Twitter user Nima Owji, is called “Twitter Recruiting.” The description says the feature will serve as a “convenient way to feature your latest job openings.”

Verified organisations can start posting openings that will then see or allow job seekers to click and apply for jobs they are interested in via the Twitter.

This sounds like a good move especially in terms of making more revenue, which has been Twitter’s major challenge since the change of ownership.

Already, Twitter serves as a platform where people connect and help or link businesses and people together.

The feature allows you to post new job openings, Title, Salary, URL, and Location. Companies will also be able to post or add a salary range for interested job hunters.

Last month, Twitter rolled out a new update that allows Blue subscribers to have access to upload two-hour long videos. This is an upgrade to an existing plan that allows them to upload up to 60-minute-long videos.

Twitter also modified its Twitter Blue page, increasing the video file limit from 2GB to 8GB. It is also now possible to upload longer videos through iOS in addition to previously being able to do that via web. The maximum quality for upload, however, remains 1080p.

Last December, Twitter added two more elements to Twitter Blue, providing us with more clarity as to the exact shape and purpose of the product. Going forward, paying customers can now access prioritized ranking in terms of their tweets.

In addition to priority ranking of tweets, paid subscribers can now also upload videos up to 60 minutes long, and in 1080p. Twitter is adding all these elements to make Twitter Blue more appealing to users.

On the priority tweets, Twitter said users will “see a slight preference for replies from Blue verified accounts over other replies.” What this means is that you will see replies by paid accounts before other replies. Twitter, however, did not provide further details on how it might handle folks who pay to troll or spam others by getting a preference in replies.

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Author: Ola Ric

Ola Ric is a professional tech writer. He has written and provided tons of published articles for professionals and private individuals. He is also a social commentator and analyst, with relevant experience in the use of social media services.

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