Twitter is reportedly working on a video download option

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Twitter could have a video download button by the end of the year or whenever that becomes possible. According to Twitter user Nima Owji, the new button will come with options that enable creators to disable or enable it in settings.

The download button is placed just below the playback option, and will allow you to download videos straight from Twitter. This will eliminate or reduce the use of third-party download apps on the app.

A toggle button where creators can adjust the feature based on sensitivity or violence will also be added. The video will be downloaded automatically based on your setting.

Since we do not have an official confirmation for this, it is difficult to know if downloaded videos will come with a watermark. On Instagram and TikTok for example, downloaded or shared videos come with watermarks. 

I guess we will have to keep our fingers crossed as this is one feature that may or may not make it to the limelight. If launched, a download button could be a very important tool for creators and Twitter to attract and retain users.

Twitter is reportedly planning to change its model to enable it focus on video, creator and commerce partnerships. This, according to Reuters, will enable the social media giant to grow its business beyond digital advertising.

According to a new investor presentation made by Elon Musk and Chief Executive Linda Yaccarino and seen by Reuters, Twitter is in “early conversations with political and entertainment figures, payments services and news and media publishers on potential partnerships.”

This is the latest in Musk’s plans to transform a company he purchased in 2022. The social media giant had earlier changed its business name to X Corp, which is a reflection of Musk’s vision to create a “super app” like China’s WeChat.

In January, Twitter announced that it is going to “expand” the political advertising it allows on its platform in the next couple of weeks. Twitter’s latest move is coming almost four years after it banned all political advertising.

The return of political ads, however, would definitely have a major effect on Twitter considering the fact that the US presidential election is coming up next year. The change in plan is probably due to its revenue challenges, which are well-documented.

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Author: Ola Ric

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