Twitter is opening up Ticketed Spaces to more users

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Twitter has announced that it is giving more users the chance to access its Ticketed Spaces. This is coming months after it began testing the product, which will serve as another way for creators on the platform to make money from their efforts.

Twitter announced this via its page:

We want to help people creating cool Spaces make $$$. Today, some Hosts will be able create Ticketed Spaces! We’re experimenting on iOS only for now but we hope to get it to everyone soon. Know it’s taking us a little time, but we want to get this right for you!”

We still expect this opportunity to made available to as many people as possible. That said, allowing more people to access it will serve as an opportunity for some creators to create ticketed Spaces. Audio broadcasters will now be able to factor this into their calculations.

The social media behemoth continues to work on Spaces with reports emerging that Twitter is working on a couple of interesting features including ability to make your own rules and replay. These two features have not been officially confirmed yet, but could help to improve the rating of Spaces.

When rules are unclear or too ambiguous, there will always be conflicts. In one of the findings of Nima Owji, a reverse engineer, Twitter wants to provide “rules” for spaces users. When this is launched, you will be able to set your own rules—as a host, you will be able to define what can and cannot be done.

A new option to block a Spaces is also been tested according to Owji. What this means is that you will be able to restrict a live conversation to a specific group of people.

A new replay option has also been discovered among Owji’s findings. Now, the only way you can join a space is when the conversation has gone live. That means you will not be able to listen to it again when it is ended.

The new option been tested by Twitter, will however, allow you to replay spaces that have ended. When the replay option is enabled, you will be able to see the duration and the people that participated in it the conversation.

A couple of weeks ago, Twitter added a co-host option to Spaces. This would mean that hosts will now be able to designate up to two co-hosts for their social audio rooms. It will now be easier for hosts to manage and moderate conversations.

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Author: Ola Ric

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