Twitter is bringing the Spaces tab to the web

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Image Credit: @nima_owji

Twitter has been busy lately—rolling out cool new features. The microblogging company is planning to bring the Spaces tab to the web. This is part of Twitter’s plan to keep promoting its audio-chat feature.

The Spaces tab for web is still being tested, and can promote the visibility of the feature. App researcher Nima Owji took to his Twitter page to post a screenshot of the upcoming feature.

A handful of Twitter users now have access to the feature. This will give Twitter with feedback it needs before it launches the feature. The Spaces tab will make it easier to discover live and schedule Spaces.

The tab also means you will finally be able to discover or search for Spaces on the web. One of the major challenges facing the audio feature is that users cannot find spaces to join.

What Twitter usually do is to highlight spaces from people or account you follow. This upcoming change will make it easy to find spaces to join. It will also make Spaces more competitive.

The Spaces tab will allow you to search for spaces to join. This means you will have the option to find spaces of interest.

A couple of weeks ago, Twitter brought “Topics” to Spaces. This will enable you as a host to tag Spaces with up to three topics that relevant.

You will be able to choose from only 10 Topics. Topics is now limited to English, and some people on the Android app. The company said more Topics and languages are coming soon.

Topics is only available for Android users for now, but will soon be available for iOS users. Adding Topics to Spaces gives aligns with Twitter’s desire to bring the feature at par with Clubhouse. You will now be able to choose from a list of 10 Topics—including World News, Gaming, and Entertainment.

Twitter is a place where people find easy to follow others based on interest and niches. What the microblogging company has just done by adding Topics to Spaces is leveraging on its strength.

Twitter last month shared a new image of its upcoming recording feature for Spaces. The image provides more insight into what the option looks like. It could also be another of Twitter’s way of hyping the feature before official release.

The recording feature could add a new level of functionality to Spaces. You will be able to record your spaces, and even share it. We still do not know the date of the official roll out. The recording feature will, however, help creators to listen to their spaces a second time.

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