Twitter Innovators Awards 2022 for ad agencies announced

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Twitter will be holding its Innovators Awards for ad agencies this year. The event intends to celebrate the best-in-class media planners and promoters among its agency partners worldwide.

The Twitter Innovators Awards started in 2019. And it provides a chance for agencies to highlight their best ad campaigns on the platform. It rewards the creative talents involved. And it offers guidance for other brands on what to change and how to approach their ad efforts on Twitter..

The awards will have five categories:

  • Best Launch Campaign
  • Best Connect Campaign
  • Best Conversion Campaign
  • Best Social Impact Campaign
  • Innovator of the Year

Twitter has opened submission of entries starting June 20. Agencies can submit their best creatives until the end of October.

Twitter says it will also launch an Agency Roadshow in offices worldwide. It includes Singapore, New York, London, and France. It means to inform and support its agency partners who want to participate.

Regular advertisers may not find immediate value from the initiative. But the awards can help guide your campaign efforts on the dos and don’ts in your Twitter ad efforts. You can do this by examining the strategies used by the upcoming winners and their advertising campaigns.

Among the winners of last year’s Innovators Awards were Nestle, KFC, Cadbury and Spotify. They used specific campaign strategies to be considered for the top spots.

The 2021 campaigns could give you some extra tips and pointers for your efforts this year. And it gives you insights on how the top ad agencies’ minds work when it comes to Twitter engagement.

Qualified agencies can go to to submit an entry.

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Author: Francis Rey

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