Twitter has published its annual events calendar

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Twitter’s annual events calendar has been published, and it is time to map out your content calendar for 2023. I am sure this is one tool that will be of great help to many content creators, especially as it helps to highlight all of the key dates and celebrations that you need to get going.

The annual events calendar is an interactive one, and displays an overview of important dates that could help in your strategy. The calendar also allows you to filter the list by region, and by event type.

We’re moving more quickly than ever, and we’re still the place people turn to see and talk about what’s happening. A great example is the recent FIFA Men’s World Cup. We saw a whopping 147B impressions of event-related content on the platform, up nearly +30% from 2018. We also generated 7.1B views on World Cup video1, with everything from memes to nail-biter outcomes to history being made.”

The calendar is going to be handy in terms of getting things organized, and helping you get along all through 2023.

In terms of growth, 2022 was not all gloomy for the microblogging company.

Not only is Twitter alive with content and conversation around big moments, but we are also growing. We saw global mDAU acceleration in Q4 to 253.1M, driven by an average sign-up rate of more than 1 million new daily users across Q42.”

At least we have an idea of what has really happened to the platform in terms of growth ever since Elon Musk completed his Twitter purchase. The stat was the first in the Musk era, and it represents a significant jump on the 238 million mDAU the company recorded in Q2 of 2022, which of course was the company’s last market update before it was sold to Musk.

In other news, Twitter Blue, which currently costs $11 subscription costs per month in the US, is about to experience a raise. According to Elon Musk, the prizes will be reviewed upward, but with no ads. What it simply means is that Twitter Blue subscribers will soon have to pay more for the service, but will no longer see any ads while using it.

The main attraction since it was rolled out has been less ads. However, the company now seems set to forge ahead with zero ads, but subscribers will have to pay more to enjoy this.

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Author: Ola Ric

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