Twitter could soon allow you to send audio DM

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The possibility of being able to send direct messages through voice on Twitter could soon be a reality. This was made known by Alex Ackerman-Greenberg, product manager for direct messages at the microblogging company per The Verge

The company said the test is scheduled to start soon in Brazil  “We know people want more options for how they express themselves in conversations on Twitter — both publicly and privately,” he said per The Verge.

Twitter’s upcoming voice DM feature has a simple interface with just a play/pause button, and a sender’s avatar which paulsates as the message plays. There is “an in-line recording experience that makes it easier to send these messages as part of the natural conversation flow.” Twitter also included a “report message” option in case someone misuses the voice DMs.

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In other Twitter news, the microblogging company announced a couple of weeks ago that it would add descriptions to tweets. This is aimed at making it easier for everyone to understand why something is showing up in the Explore tab or when you tap into a particular trend.

More trend updates, even more context. We’ll now add improved headlines and short descriptions to some Trends, so you can get the rundown on why something’s trending when you’re in the Explore tab or you tap into a Trend,” Twitter announced via its Twitter page.

It is important to emphasize at this point that it is not all trends that will have an explanation. Trends that feature hashtags for instance may not have an explanation, which may leave users with no choice but to guess or dig a bit more to find out the reason for the trend.

This will be available to users on iOS, Android, and desktop. Users in the following countries will be able to access this new update: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, France, India, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

Lately, Twitter announced that it will be replacing “Retweet with comments” with “Quote.” The announcement was accompanied with a GIF showing the “Quote” feature sitting next to the Retweet feature. So, I went straight to my Twitter page to see if the feature was already activated for me, and there it was—right, set go! It is not a big feature/update actually, but let us see how it goes with other users.

Reliable reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong tweeted a screenshot of the change via her twitter page recently. The new Quote feature has now officially replaced the mouthful one that lined up as a part of two options that allows you to retweet without quoting the original tweet or with it.

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