Twitter brings co-hosting option to Spaces

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Spaces is occupying the front burner these days—getting all the attention from Twitter. The attention the social audio feature is getting might not be unconnected with the latest push by Clubhouse. Now, Twitter is adding the option of a co-host to Spaces.

This would mean that hosts will now be able to designate up to two co-hosts for their social audio rooms. It will now be easier for hosts to manage and moderate conversations.

Co-hosts will have almost the same moderation and managing privileges as the main host. They [co-hosts] will be able to speak, invite other members of the room to kick people out of the room, speak, pin tweets, and many more.

Only the main host, however, can invite or remove other users as co-hosts. Also, it is important to add that co-hosts cannot end the room—the right to do this is exclusive to the original host.

Adding the co-host option is a big boost for hosts—this option enables them to take charge of a room with a large gathering. With the co-host option, Twitter is already looking ahead—the company hopes to compete big-time with Clubhouse.

A couple of days ago, Twitter confirmed that it is working to fill the void it created when it pulled the plug on Fleets. The top bar, which used to be the home of the now retired Fleets, will now most likely be the new home of Spaces. The social audio feature is currently hidden within the compose button.

In a thread, Twitter confirmed that Spaces will eventually take up the space. When launched, you will be able to create a new space right from the top bar that once hosted Fleets.

Now that we said goodbye to Fleets, we thought that it would be a good occasion to go over the other method to create Spaces.”

We’re working on bringing back the creation of Spaces to the “Fleets line,” that we now call, by the way, “Space bar.” Stay tuned.”

While we await the physical appearance of the Space button on the top bar, some users have started seeing live space from people they follow. This has already gone live and some users have indeed confirmed its availability.

Fleets may not have lived to Twitter’s expectationsbut the truth is that the social media giant has its heart set on some other projects. Perhaps, Twitter seems more focused on making its Spaces feature a huge success and is not prepared for the “distraction” it got from Fleets

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