Twitter brings Blue subscription to Android

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Twitter Blue has finally arrived on Android! Just like the iOS  version, the users will part with $11 monthly if they want to use the service. To reflect the latest update, Twitter has not updated its About page for Blue to add Android pricing for all the countries where the service is currently available. It means that users in Canada, Japan, the UK, US, Australia, and New Zealand can now access the service on Android.

Prior to this update, users had to go through the web or an iOS device to gain access to Blue’s perks on their Android phone. That said, Engadget reports that you would have to pay an extra $3 more than what you are paying through a web browser.  

The reason for the extra $3 charge is because Twitter is passing Google’s 30 percent commission onto you. Paying through the web seems to be the better option in terms of saving some extra money. The newly launched option according to Engadget, allows you to pay $7 a month instead of $8.

As a subscriber, Twitter Blue allows you to have a blue checkmark next to your name on the website and will also give you access to features not immediately available for other free users.

Twitter is making a lot of changes these days. A couple of weeks ago, Twitter started changing how you move between the algorithmically-driven timeline and the reverse chronological one. What this means is that the algorithmic feed will now be the default.

After bringing the For You tab to iOS, Twitter users on desktop are now starting to see similar change too. On iOS, the For You tab is the default feed, but this can still be changed from your settings.

Announcing the new change, the social media giant said the feature is also coming to Android. The For You and the Following tabs will now replace the Home and Latest, and will, according to Twitter, be pinned to the top of your timeline.

The new default feed works slightly different from the mobile version as it does not seem to push the algorithmic For You as hard as the former. According to The Verge, the For You tab stays on “following even after I closed the tab or browser.”

In other news, Elon Musk said everyone would soon be able to turn it off. What that means is that you can control how use the feature—you can turn it off if you do not want to see it.

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