Twitter appears to be working on verification request again

Image Credit: Jane Manchun Wong

Twitter appears to be working on verification requests again. This was sighted by Jane Manchun Wong in a new Twitter post. The screenshot posted by the reverse engineer shows titles like “verification request” and “data and permission.”

In December, Twitter announced the date its revamped verification policy would be launched. Before the announcement, the company had promised to relaunch its verification in 2021.  Twitter said the new policy will now be launched on January 20th. That said, nothing much has been heard since that time. 

It was, however, made clear back then that the January date is not when the formal application process will relaunch. What that means is that those itching to have the blue badge may have to wait a little longer. The new policy, however, will roll out in January with a Twitter spokesperson confirming to The Verge. The company also said it will begin removing verification badges from accounts that have remained inactive as well as those who do not meet its requirements.

Upcoming changes include more lax information requirements to get verified, more regular and defined categories for the blue badge, and new guidelines around when a verified account may lose its blue checkmark if an account is inactive or has violated its policies.

Among categories to be verified include:

Government officials—this category of users continue to benefit from Twitter’s case-by-case verification, brands, nonprofits, media outlets and journalists, organizations, celebrities, sports-related accounts, and many more which will be opened from time-to-time.

Twitter’s new verification policy was built from feedback the company received from various users. In a blog statement issued on Thursday, the social media giant said:

Public feedback has become a critical part of our policy development process by making sure our policies reflect the global nature of our service and the people who use it. In the two weeks during our public feedback period, we received more than 22,000 survey responses and learned so much about how we can improve our policy.”

For those whose accounts run the risk of losing the blue badge, the microblogging company announced that “an automated email and an in-app notification informing you of what changes need to be made to avoid automatic removal of your blue verified badge.”

The process has now been amended to include a new self-serve application process that will be available on the Account Settings page on the web and in-app. During the process, you will be asked to select a category for your verified status and confirm your identity via links and other supporting materials.

Author: Ola Ric

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