Twitter and swearing

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twitter and swearing.

Imagine yourself while reading a million of tweets on how much they mention God and curses on each of their statements. I don’t how they do it but they were able to survive it. The researchers from Queen Mary University of London was able to study a million tweets from more than 10,000 Twitter users specifically in the United States so that they would be able to assert that Republican and Democratic supporters could be detected just by looking at their vocabulary and topics that they are choosing. I can’t even be on Twitter reading tweets all day, and this people are just amazing because they also studied it.

Emotionally Expressive Language

Well on this study, the researchers found out that liberals are more likely to swear with foul words like “f***” and “s***” which are entirely used and is in their top 10 used words. But researchers are not saying that liberal users are aggressive or eve insulting, well its just that these words they are uttering are just a product of their “emotionally expressive language”.

The conservatives on the other hand, are the total opposite of the liberals because conservatives most likely use religious words and terminologies. Also, they often include “God” and “psalm” on their tweets and they are discussing President Barack Obama and other members of the oppositions.

International news was more of a common topic for discussions and tweeters emphasized their self or individuality with the use of the words “I” and “me” wherein on the conservative tweeters are more universal and describes themselves as “we” and “American”.

Understanding Behavior

Social media could be used to understand behavious “offline”. This is a statement from Doctor Matthew Puryer from Queen Mary’s computational linguistics lab and is co-author to the report. He also added that the way people talk and their interaction on Twitter can provide a more precise, robust and natural source on analyzing behaviors rather than using traditional experiments and surveys.

He also stated that they have been doing good because the results closely matched up to their predictions which is based on a currently existing understanding of political supporters psychology.

Analyzing People’s behavior

So does this mean that Twitter can be a good source for gathering data for the future? Based on Dr. Puryers comment, he said that Twitter’s data will be useful in the future especially in analyzing and understanding the people’s behavior and personality with the help of psychological research so that they will be able to see through and understand more about Twitter users.

Dr. Puryer and his fellow researchers has examined tweets sent between 15 and 30 of June in 2014 by followers of either Republican or Democrat party Twitter accounts for the study and was able to publish it in the PLOS ONE journal.

From the introduction of the book, it is said that psychological differences between people people of opposing political viewpoints had traditionally been measured with questionnaires and experiments, but that Twitter had become a prominent data source for sociolinguistics because of its ability to capture “voluntary opinions and sentiments”.

But even though the findings were quite impressive, the research cautioned that it also has certain limitations due to the fact that Twitter is only used by around 14 percent of adults in the whole United States.

The tweets that were posted by institutions than individuals were not assessed separately and its good news that they did not consider the meaning of tweets to be able to evaluate nuances of political disagreements and such, humor or even sarcasm.

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