Twitter – advantages that it can bring to your marketing strategies

Twitter – advantages that it can bring to your marketing strategies

Twitter - advantages that it can bring to your marketing strategies

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The role of social media in today’s marketing is unquestionable and Twitter is no exception. Although Twitter is not the preferred platform for everyone, it is still there for a reason and can be great to leverage for marketing purposes – and top marketing companies understand this.

Social Media Marketing – Why Twitter?

Twitter is a platform that has been used successfully by a huge number of marketing companies at virtually no cost at all.

Let me explain some more about this social media platform and why it is still so popular; maybe not amongst the youngest online audience, but certainly among those people who can afford products and services, and who are old enough to vote.

As Philip Kotler explained so beautifully in his book Marketing 4.0, virtual marketing spaces are not the same as we understand markets to be in the sense of traditional marketing. Although they have similar characteristics, it is very clear that through the internet, we, as inherently social individuals, tend to form tribes. This is especially true for platforms such as Twitter, a little less so for Facebook, and even less for YouTube.

Twitter – Interaction is Key

As an example, a person enjoys playing online games and tweeting, and sometimes it seems like they are going on missions with Twitter friends: they gather, plan a strategy, and execute it – just the same as any group video game. This is where the “tribal” mentality of virtual spaces is very easy to identify.  Of course, this is not true for everyone; some are into sharing fitness and diet tips; some others write about crafts; some are solely focused on doing business.

The most highly-followed Twitter accounts nowadays are those of news, celebrities, and politics. For many companies, Twitter is a great tool for personalized customer service, but the main reason to tweet is the interaction in real-time with other people.

As marketers, we have to acknowledge that become excited when we “go to war” with other companies. We love strategy and we are addicted to stealing what we can from our competitors (market-share wise)  – it keeps us on our toes and it keeps the interest of our consumers so they enjoy backing us up. After all, we are not just customers and companies; we are a team and we want to see our brand win. This is a tribal mentality.

A Single Tweet Packs a Big Punch

Going back to the “virtually for no cost” part. The good thing about real-time is that the early riser gets it all. A few years ago, during a Super Bowl blackout, a very creative, smart, and quick marketing team from Nabisco tweeted a very simple tweet: “You can still dunk in the dark”. It featured a single cookie and it went viral. If you are a marketer or you work in the advertising industry, you are probably aware of the huge amount of money that it costs to sponsor anything regarding a Super Bowl, and this tweet was simply brilliant – and free.

Of course, you can always opt to pay to advertise your tweets, but nothing is better than organic retweets, especially when it comes to how leverage Twitter.  Give it a try: find a tribe, build up smart and interesting content for your tribe, and work on building up your brand to expand your reach. You’ll see that in no time you will have followers and people backing you up, as long as you are true and keep true to your statements and your ideals. Consumers can sense when companies are lying – it just feels forced.  Level up with the people who pay for your products and services and become a trusted friend.

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