Twitter adds new way to authenticate NFTs by way of profile picture

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Non-fungible tokens better known as NFT is gaining a lot of momentum. Social media platforms are gradually positioning their platforms be a part of it. Not to be left out, Twitter has added a way for users to authenticate NFT tokens by means of a profile picture.

Not everyone is into crypto; but it has become imperative that certain measures are put in place to inform the public. Twitter is integrating digital jewelries via a special “soft hexagon” shape around them.

In the first phase of its launch, Twitter is supporting several crypto wallets that users can connect to their profiles and verify that their tokens are non-fungible variety. Some of these wallets include: Trust Wallet; Argent; Rainbow; MetaMask; Coinbase Wallet; and Ledger Live.

When the profile pictures of some user’s flash one of the hexagon images, you can find out more about their items by clicking on the hexagon profile picture, select ViewNFT details and find out information about the “NFT owner, NFT description, collection, properties, and additional details.”

In 2021, Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet as an NFT for the sum of $2,915,835.47. Sina Estavis, the winner of the auction had held the high bid since first offering $2.5 million since March 6, finally raised his bid at the last minute. Recall that Dorsey had put up his first tweet for digital auction as an NFT, also called non-fungible token on March 5th 2022.

The Twitter CEO had previously announced that the proceeds from the bid would be converted into Bitcoin and donated to GiveDirectly for its Africa Response. Dorsey tweeted the receipt, confirming the end of the bid and his earlier promise to donate it to charity.

Records indicated that Dorsey’s tweet was first listed for sale in December 2020, but did not gain enough attention until he tweeted a link to it in March 2021. Since the link was tweeted, the tweet had since been shared thousands of times.

No sooner had the links gone out, bids had reached in excess of $88,000, and went as high as $2 million by the end of the week. 

More social media networks will embrace NFT as a means of validation. Facebook, Instagram, and the likes will all announce theirs sooner or later.

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Author: Ola Ric

Ola Ric is a professional tech writer. He has written and provided tons of published articles for professionals and private individuals. He is also a social commentator and analyst, with relevant experience in the use of social media services.

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