Trump’s Truth Social May Be Released on President’s Day

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Truth Social’s release will mark the return of the former president to social media on US Presidents Day.

Truth Social is Coming 

In October, the former US president announced that he would launch his own social media platform. He said at that time that the platform would be used to “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.” 

It’ll be launched under Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG). Serving as chief executive is former GOP Rep. Devin Nunes. 

On Thursday, Reuters reported that Truth Social now has 500 beta users. The said news outlet had seen screenshots of posts made by its Nunes. He stated that the app would be released on Monday. 

The launch of this social media app would restore the former president’s presence on social media. His official accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube were banned over a year ago after he was accused of publishing posts that incited violence. 

On February 15, Donald Trump Jr, Donald Trump’s eldest son, posted on Twitter a screenshot of the former president’s Truth Social account. 

TMTG will be joining other tech companies that want to position themselves as advocates of free speech. It’s hoping that it will draw users who believe that the major social media platforms prevent them from speaking freely. 

Unfortunately, though, none of those companies match the popularity of the mainstream social media platforms. 

If it will be available on Monday, you can download it from the App Store. 

Nunes said that the group believes it’s going to hit its goal. They also believe that it’s going to be fully operational in the US by the end of March. 

Reuters reported that the app is at version 1.0. It means that it has already reached a level that’s ready for public release. Last Wednesday, it was only at version 0.9. 

Nunes urged users to follow more accounts and start sharing photos and videos. One of the posts of the chief executive includes a post that seemed to welcome a user who appeared to be a Catholic priest. He encouraged him to invite more priests to sign up for Truth Social

The Features of Truth Social 

The chief executive suggested that the upcoming social media would be similar to Twitter. When one of the users asked whether or not posts can be edited, the chief replied that it’s not yet possible. 

Edit post is a long-requested feature of Twitter but it seems that the company isn’t going to provide this tool to users any time soon. 

Even though there’s no edit post feature, it will be direct messages. The app may also have notifications features so other users will know if others posted content. And there’s also a block functionality. 

After it will be released, the social media app will issue a policy on verified accounts. 

Parler and Gettr are two of the biggest competitors in social media. They said that they have spoken with the former president before the launch of the platform. They believe that there’s enough room in the market for the three platforms to thrive.

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